Perla e Zeze

Siyah Inci – Turkish television series Siyah Inci is going to have great expectations in terms of ratings. Two lovers made a vow to each other, they will not be separated for life.

The series is going to take place in the beautiful Aegean coastal line in a very small town. Hande Ercel is going to portray Hazal, where Tolgahan Sayisman is going to portray Kenan. Hazal is a waitress. Siyah Inci (Perla e Zeze)

These two lovers will be disrupted by the arrival of Berk Hakman, who is going to play the Vural character. He is going to move in the town. His family is very rich and well-reputed. He is going to fall in love with Hazal. Therefore, he is going to try everything in his power to have her. Siyah Inci

For the shooting of the series, Tolga Sayisman is having diving classes to play the role. Thus, the production company went the Kas (Kaş) to shoot the related scenes.

Things are going to get complicated for Hazal and Kenan, once Vural starts bothering them. Are they going to be able to keep their vow? Or are they going to surrender and the girl is going to change sides? Siyah Inci Summary

Trailer of Siyah Inci:
The cast of the Turkish television series Siyah Inci includes Merve Polat, Hüseyin Avni Danyal, Burak Altay, Çağla Demir, Yeşim Büber, Melis Sezen, and Mehmet Mehmedof. The director of the series is Erol Ozlevi. On the other hand, the screenwriter of the series is ise Yekta Torun.

As long as I live, you’ll be the only one that I ever will love. Only you.

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